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Fall Fashion



is a one-woman passion project. This Mum and lover of classic and sustainable fashion loves what she does. Writing, owing, buying and selling classics investment women's clothes, shoes, and accessories.

The journey to Classicvintagechicboutique, began in 2008 with me spending far longer than necessary searching online for designer label bargains and reselling. I became rather good at it, I ended up starting an eBay business in 2014 selling classic fashion as a niche because it worked for me. 


Growing up in my teens, I enjoyed wearing my mom's clothes to parties and church on Sundays because they were beautiful and looked just right on me. Less I forget, she must have had them years before I was born. She believed in quality over quantity and always said, buy one good thing, and it will last you for decades. This, I learnt from her. Years later, when I got married, she gave me a present, one of the clothes she knew I loved so much and had worn for years in my teens. To date, four children, 18 yrs and counting, I still have it, wear it on special occasions because it is a trend free classic and never goes out of style. That experience influenced my life, choices, and classicvintagechicboutique. 

For most of my personal purchases and classicvintagechicboutique's, I look for the pearls in brands. Considering product quality, durability and the timelessness of the pieces. I ask myself three-question before selecting pieces for myself, and I will ask myself the same question before buying for you! First...

Fit for any age... classic?- Is it something I can wear in my 20's, 40's and well into my 60's? like a pearl necklace or earrings if you know what I mean.

Is it sustainable- Can I pass this shoe, handbag, clothes down to my daughters for them to wear and pass down to their daughters? Finally, does it retain its value?- Can I sell this piece when tough time hits and make some money from it?! 

So, please follow me on this journey. Share your ideas and hacks. I am open to new ideas and still learning. 

Nancy @Classicvintagechicboutique Picks.

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