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Sweater weather is better weather

Updated: Mar 23, 2022

Sweater Weather is Better Weather

Yes, it is better weather my favourite season, I get to cosy up in my loose, lazy, and chic knit collection and sets owned for years and some, collected in recent years.

I get to run around town in my classic winter coat/ knitwear edits one brand at a time with the right accessory, shoe, and bag. I style the same knitwear year in, year out, paired with knit pants, dress, denim, skirt or tailored pants. Beauties of autumn fashion become new again.

It becomes new, and people forget I wore that same sweater last winter or two winters ago. Who cares if they remember? I don't care because what matters is my love for that piece and how it makes me feel. So consequently, choosing the right shoe, clothes, and accessory is crucial.

That is why I say from experience autumnal dressing is not complicated because minimal effort works. When I change my shoes, add a different bag, the accessory, I get to wear and re-wear my knitwears every year. With this tiniest effort, my jumper, sweater or cardigan look different and become brand new again.

Jumpers styled in many ways is one of my favourite hobbies in autumn and winter. Worn over a white long sleeve collared or high neck shirt, over a dress, under a cropped T-shirt, and on its own, the list is endless. Also, a two-piece knit set is mix-matched with other knits and tops to make an outfit. For example, pair a long-sleeve, v-neck sweater with light blue denim jeans and loafers for a night out. The knit pant from the set looks great paired with black polo neck jumpers tucked in.

Hence, I say autumnal dressing is easy and not complicated. Its style can be worn for years and passed down throw generations because most sweaters and jumpers seem classic and last for decades.

Because autumn style never goes out of style like a pearl necklace, there is no need to buy or change my knit collections as a trend changes.

As fashion houses quickly transitioned from fast fashion to slow fashion, focusing on sustainability, I started a long time ago unconsciously building the classic collections I wear season after season.

A pair of Chanel pearl earrings on a knit beside trinket
Sweater, a pair of pearl earrings, and trinket

As so many new coats, sweaters, jumpers and cardigans come out and trends change, I don't feel the urge or pressure to follow a trend because my standing has always been with the classics and then some.

Some meaning not to misunderstand me, it's not that I don't like or follow trends I do, but not the urge to follow every trend or buy based on impulse.

I am content and only aim to please an audience of two. Firstly, God, then, me. I relish trends but choose to indulge wisely, bearing in mind the timelessness of the pieces in question. Classics, I mean, for instance, the classic polo neck jumpers. Polo necks have been around for decades and would be around for many more and, with a classic polo neck, I can do a lot.

I can pair a polo neck jumper with a dress under a dress, V or round neckline. Under a shirt preferably, a white collared shirt in the winter. See what I mean by comfort and style.

That is why I put together my ensemble and add to my collection if need be as long as I see myself wearing it for years.

In the autumn-winter, my collections come out of the closet. Then, my spring-summer collection goes back into the wardrobe till the next spring-summer. Like a revolving door, my summer and winter collections come out when the time and season is right and goes back into their respective places for the seasonal edit to make a comeback. By doing this, I wear my clothes, bags, shoes and accessories for longer.

My wardrobe is like a tree that blossoms in its season and whether out of season. Rest assured that its fruits and flowers will come out at the right time every year, just like that my clothes do the rounds. You know your collection is spot on if teenagers love and would happily wear your pieces too. Take, for instance, my daughters. Eighteen years old and the other thirteen, even before they got to that age, wear some of my clothes and won't stay out of my wardrobe.

They also have the pleasure of borrowing some of my clothes and don't think they are old fashioned. That is why choosing right is imperative. I love every bit of fabric in my wardrobe, and my formula is, is it a Classic + do I feel butterflies, or feel love at the sight of that jumper, coat, or boots? Let's not forget comfort because it is a must. And with convenience, I never sacrifice style.

Then, I use it with care, hand-wash or dry clean if need be and use it year in year out saving, money and the planet in my little way.

I love my clothes longer because I have noticed the quality of fabric depreciating year in year out. As consumers demand increases, costs skyrocket, and manufacturers produce more fast fashion quality is bound too. So, for this reason, I hold on longer to the clothes I have from years back. And this is because the materials are of superior quality to what it is now.

From knit jumpers cardigans to dresses, classic styles and collections from my experience are a must-have with the hope of cosying on to them for longer more into my 70s.

So, sweater weather is better weather your sweater weather collection could last you a lifetime. If chosen with love, worn with care, and washed with the thought of owning it for a lifetime. This method includes your shoes, bags, and clothes. See yourself in that classic or piece even in your 70s, then buy it.

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