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Where are we based? 

London, England, United Kingdom

How long have we been established? 

Since 2014

How can you be sure that Classic Vintage Chic Boutique Clothing/Goods is a legitimate business?

The history of classicvintagechicboutique started on eBay in 2014 Weblink - To see our feedbacks. It would be rather difficult for us to falsify that as we still exist and trade on eBay. 

How Do We Know Our Goods Are Authentic? 

I know my items are Authentic because I buy directly from the brands. In most cases, I purchase preloved lux goods directly from their owner with their original paperwork. Furthermore, when the receipts are not available, I have the items authenticated. 

As a buyer and collector myself, I have had countless experiences buying counterfeit as authentic. Through those experiences and thorough research, I can differentiate what is real from what is not.

What if a customer is not convinced that any item is authentic? 

We have three options then

  1. Request a consultation before you buy (Zoom or in-person).

  2. Alternatively, you can request for an item to be authenticated by The Handbag Clinic or an authenticator of your choice.

  3. Return it in the same condition in which you bought it. 

How many brands do we have access to? 

We find it, and it falls into the classic, vintage, or (classic) chic category we buy for sale. 

What if I am after something in particular? 

Let me know, and I will do my best to find you that item.

What Makes classicvintagechicboutique Unique from Anyone Else in The Market Place? 

Passion over gain

  1. Growing up wearing my mum's classic outfits taught me the importance of sustainable fashion that last a lifetime. As a result, I have a knack for the pearls in every brand. I have an eye for what would look good on anyone at every age. Therefore, I put a lot of thought and love into finding the pearl (classic) in every item I pick from brands.

  2. I look at every item I pick for myself or you as an investment. I ask myself three questions, do I see myself wearing this item in 10years? Can I sell it to survive? Can I pass this on to my daughters and then them to their daughters? 

I consider these questions. You call it sustainability that makes me stand out from others. 

Are we banking on this as our USP? 



So, what is the key ingredient to the success of clothing from here?

CVC's key ingredients are comfort, style, and quality over quantity



So, how would you describe classicvintagechicboutique in a sentence? 


The home of classics. Where comfort is a must and, we never sacrifice style.

So, what should customers ultimately expect from classicvintagechicboutique if they choose to visit?

100% genuine, new, and preloved items. Communication and understanding, satisfaction and happiness before profit. 

For Customer Feedbacks and Satisfaction History, Click the link below for more information

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